How to advertise on your blog & make money?

Now let us assume that you have a huge amount of traffic and you want to make some money off it, how do you do this?

Seriously speaking there are a billion ways of doing this. We will discuss some of the basic and most straight forward ways. You can be creative and come up with other ways on your own.

The simplest and easiest way: Use Adsense!

Adsense is basically a Google advertising program. If you have a blog on then using adsense is very simple and so we recommend that you use to blog.

Signing up for Adsense is pretty simple. You can do it right from the panel that gives you though their “Adsense Tool”. Check out the picture blow:

Adsese Tool

If you are unclear what Adsense adds are and how Adsense adds look, take a look at the picture blow. (It's the add under the mouse pointer.)

Adsense Adds

Once you have these adds on your site, if anyone clicks on the adds, you will get paid. Generally, you will get paid $0.10-$0.55 (Rs.4 – Rs.25) per click depending on the type of adds you have. Some adds even pay up to Rs.45 or 1$ per click.

The adds that appear on your blog depend on the content of your blog. If your blog is about “cooking” you will get cooking adds. If your blog is about “real estate” you will get “real estate” adds. This is great, because the people who come to a “real estate” blog are probably interested in real estate. If you have real estate adds then they are more likely to click the adds and make you some money. 

On the other hand, if you have a cooking blog and real estate adds then none of your readers are going to be interested in real estate so no one will click on your adds. The best part about Adsense is that it handles the displaying of the adds on its own and it matches the content and the adds.

However, if you want to be really successful with Adsense, your add placement and colors have to be done right. You always want your adds to blend into your blog. You don’t want your adds to stand out and look as if they are not part of your blog. If they stand out, then they are less likely to be clicked and you are less likely to make any money.

Adsense allows you to choose all the colors of your add. When choosing your add, make sure that the background color of your add is the same as the background color of the place you are placing the add on your blog. Make sure that the text color of your add is the same as the text color of your blog’s text. Make sure that the colour of the links in your add are the same as the color of the links in your blog. If you do this, your adds will blend in perfectly and is much more likely to get clicked and make you money.

There is a lot more to learn about Adsense and add placement and colors. But, as you start playing the game you will learn it on your own. Choosing the right colors etc. of your add comes with experience and over time you will learn all of this.

One important thing: You may think that if Google is paying per click, then all you have to do is click the adds on your blog again and again and again and you will make a whole lot of money. THIS IS A BAD IDEA! Don’t do this. If Google finds out that you are trying to “click fraud” them you will not have a blog, nor will you have Adsense adds, they will take away any money you have made.  Google has all sorts of ways to find out wheter a particular click is a fraud or is real.

How does Google pay you?

Google pays you though check that will be delivered though mail to your door-step. Google pays you at the end of every month. However, it will only pay if you have reached 100$. If you have not, the money will be carry forwarded to the next month.

Technically speaking, you can start Adsense on your blog right from the start. You don’t need a large amount of traffic to start adsense. However, if you have only a few visitors per day, the amount you make from adsense will be minimal. This might get discouraging.

Adsense is only one of the ways to make money off your blog. We have talked about Adsense here because it is the easiest way for Indians to make money on the Internet. There are may other programmes and some of them don't pay in India and others require you to use credit cards. So Adsense is safe and secure and 100% works.

To make money though your high traffic blog, you could also join an Affiliate program, run your own adds, sell products and endorse products etc. etc. You will understand all these in due time.

So, that is how you make money online though your blog. Hard isn’t it? Well, when you start doing all these things it will get even harder and more frustrating. But don’t give up. You are working to earn Rs.9000/- per day!! So work! Work hard! Work as hard as possible!

However, there is another simpler option you have for making money online. You still have to do work but a little less work and you will earn depending on how much your work. 

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