After writing the resume..

Review, edit, and proofread like a maniac. One of the biggest resume mistakes is typos or grammatical errors. These errors may seem trivial, but they can cost you the interview, and ultimately the job. After all, if you can’t be bothered to make sure that your resume is 100% accurate, what guarantee is there that your job performance will be high caliber?

Final important note:

Though out this article we have talked about targeting targeting targeting! We have said and said again that your resume should be targeted. Your resume should show the employer how you will be able to satisfy his organizations specific needs. It should not be a general resume. It should not just talk about you and your accomplishments. It should be TARGETED!!!

All this means that you cannot just send one resume to 100’s of employers. Usually, though the internet job sites etc. that becomes possible. You are able to send the same resume to 1000’s of employers.

But, ach employer has different needs. If you send the same resume to everyone, it will NOT be targeted. It will just be a general resume. Your resume will not stand out and you might not get the job. The more targeted and to the point your resume is the more the possibility is that your resume will stand out and that you will get the job.

It will be much more work, but don’t just send the same resume to everyone. Target the resume. Send a targeted resume to each employer!!

Best of luck!

Jai hind.

- Article by Garima Grover

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