Businesses suitable for Joint Stock legal structure

A joint stock company form of business organization is found to be suitable where the volume of business is large and huge financial resources are needed.

Since members of a joint stock company have limited liability it is possible to raise capital from the public without much difficulty. This form of organization is also suitable for businesses which involve heavy risks.

Again, for business activities which require public support and confidence, joint stock form is preferred as it has a separate legal status.

Certain types of businesses, like production of pharmaceuticals, machine manufacturing, information technology, iron and steel, aluminum, fertilizers, cement, etc., are generally organized in the form of joint stock companys.

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Table Of Contents

  1. How to incorporate?
  2. Understanding Sole Proprietorships
  3.   - Advantages of Sole Proprietorships
  4.   - Disadvantages of Sole Proprietorships
  5.   - What kind of business is suitable for Sole Proprietorships?
  6.   - How to start a Sole Proprietorship business?
  7. Understanding Partnerships Business
  8.   - Advantages of a Partnership Business
  9.   - Disadvantages of a Partnership Business
  10.   - Different types of partnership firms
  11.   - Business suitable for Partnerships legal structure
  12.   - How to form partnership deeds & start a partnership firm?
  13. Understanding Joint Stock Companies (Private & Public Ltd.)
  14.   - Advantages of Joint Stock Companies
  15.   - Disadvantages of Joint Stock Companies
  16.   - Business suitable for Joint Stock Companies
  17.   - Procedure to start a Joint Stock Company? (Incorporation)