Is the flat designed to suit your needs?

It would be best if you choose a flat that satisfies your needs and also suits your life style. You could use these questions to guide you:

What is the age of the people who will be living in the flat? If they are old, you might want to choose a flat that is on the ground floor or first floor?

If the flat is on a high floor, is there a lift service available in the building?

Does the lift service have a generator backup?

If you choose a flat on the first or ground floor, you must consider the possibility of floods affecting the area!

How are the flats in the society arranged? Is there privacy or can everyone see into your house?

When people are talking in the flat next to yours, can you hear it in your flat? This would mean that your conversations too will not be private!

How are the windows of the flat arranged? Does enough sunlight come into the house?

Is there enough ventilation?

What are the amenities the society is providing?

Are there too many corridors in the apartment? You will be paying on basis of area. Corridors eat up room-area!

Ideally, there should be at lest one common toilet so that the visitors do not have to enter your bedroom to use your bathroom.

The kitchen, dining room and entrance should be close to each other. This ensures easy serving of food to guests etc…

Ideally, the building design should include “curtain walling”. It is required to protect against “seepage” problems!

Check the heights of railings, distance between each railing etc. from the point of view of safety of children.

The builder might tend to design the flat such that the bathroom is close to the kitchen. This is done to reduce plumbing costs. But this tends to clutter up the house and reduces the ventilation of other rooms of the house. Make sure that this is not the case.

Try to draw the furniture on the ground and see how much space is left free. Is the house too cluttered? 

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