Dieting and exercise!

Let us assume that you are on a diet. You are consuming only 2000 calories per day. But your body needs 2500 calories per day. So the 500 calories are going to be taken out from your fat daily. So in 15 days you will loose 1 kg!

Now, imagine this! If your body needed 3000 calories per day instead of 2500 calories per day, you would have a 1000 less calories per day. Because of this, in 8 days you will loose one kilogram of fat!

So, getting your body to use up more energy per day will help you loose weight faster. But how do you get your body to use up more calories per day? You guessed it: Exercise!

Just do more in a day! Do more physical activities for best results. Run, walk, pull, push, jump, play football, play golf, swim, dance, make love! Do anything to use up more calories in a day and you will loose weight at a faster rate. Go running, go for a walk, take a cycle to work do any physical activity that makes you use more calories.

If you want to calculate how many calories you will burn by doing a particular activity, you can use this calculator. Choose some activity that you like to do, some sport that you like to play and do it every day. Burn some extra calories that way!

Please Note: If you are “exercising” or “dieting” or “exercising and dieting” you must count calories and make sure that the calories you consume are less than the calories you burn each day! If you don’t, all the exercising and dieting in the world will not get you to loose any weight!  

However, there is a problem with this too. If you stop exercising and dieting tomorrow, you will re-gain all the weight! So, how do you deal with that? Is there no permanent solution?…. 

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  1. How to lose weight? - Introduction
  2. Why do you gain weight?
  3. What are calories? Why is everyone after them?
  4. How much energy does your body need?
  5. Controlling your weight!
  6. Dieting and exercise!
  7. Improve your metabolic rate..
  8. Scams and myths...