Basic Do’s & Don’t of writing a resume!

Avoid any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.

Use simple fonts like Arial or Times New Roman.

Use 12 or 14 as the font size.

You must have a typed or computer printed resume instead of a handwritten one.

Always highlight your qualification and achievements so that they attract the attention of the reader. Highlight them by marking them bold or italics wherever necessary.

Don’t mark the complete sentence in bold or italics.

If you have no experience or have an experience of only 5 to 6 years make sure you have a resume of only “one page”. Let it not look like a thesis on you.

Do not use "I", "me" or "my" statements; use the telegraphic method and drop the pronoun to make it more active. Instead of "I wrote the 40-page employee manual", say "Wrote 40-page employee manual"

Do not include photographs unless you are a model or actor.

Using a “table” to state your achievements is a good idea.

Use power words.

What are power words? How to use them?

Power Words, also called Action Verbs, provide better emphasis in a resume. They create a more assertive and memorable statement. Words like “accomplished”, “developed”, “led” and “persuaded” show your employer that you are confident in your abilities.

Rather than making a bland statement (for example, “I was District Sales Manager of the Information Technology Division”), you let your experiences shine (“Increased sales 39% in 18 months as the District Sales Manager ). Use these words to show confidence and control.

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