Do’s & Don’ts of writing a perfect query letter

Agents and publishers receive thousands of query letters. You want to make sure that your query letter stands out. It is always helpful to use “quality paper”. Use “white” or “off-white” colors.

Stand out with “quality” rather than any style or flash which is likely to be a turnoff.

DO NOT send your letter on hot pink paper with a funny font just to stand out and be different! Your letter won’t even be read!

Print quality and typeface should be polished and professional. Times New Roman is the best font to use.

You must address and direct the query letter to a specific person and their name and title must be “correct.” Anything addressed to "Dear Agent" or "Dear Editor" usually gets automatically rejected.

When contacting the publishing company, you want to address the letter to an editor at the publishing house.

A self addressed stamped envelope MUST be enclosed.

Your letter has to be fitted in one page. Just to fit it in one page, DO NOT use a very small cramped up font.

DO NOT have very long intimidating paragraphs in your letter.

DO NOT have a letter with large font thinking that it will make the letter easy to read. Stay as professional as possible.

DO NOT compare yourself to other writers in your query letter. It usually puts off the agent or publisher.

Spelling, grammar and punctuation are critical. Agent/editors are not going to be interested in your work if you can't write a short letter correctly.

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  3. Do’s & Don’ts of writing a “perfect” query letter
  4. How to write a “perfect” query letter?
  5. Book publishing companies, agents & editors in India
  6. What happens after you send the query letter?