Escaping a head lock!

First, let us understand what exactly is a head lock.

An attacker will often use a headlock to subdue and beat up a victim who is smaller. They will often move in quickly, wrap an arm around the neck while forcing the victim to bend forward. This will cause the victim to be off-balance and at a disadvantage while the attacker bangs them in the head. It is also used as a way to choke someone into submission.

As the victim is off balance, the attacker usually has a solid footing on the ground. This is because his knees are bent and his feet are placed well apart giving him a firm foundation. If the victim keeps calm, she can use the firm foundation of the attacker against him. 

A person can be in a headlock while facing the same or the opposite way as the attacker. You could use the same technique regardless of which way you are being held.

One of the easiest and most affective methods of escape is to move your head as close as possible to your assailant and wrap one arm around his waist. Give him a great big bear hug while turning your face into his body and latching on with your teeth for all you are worth. Don’t just nibble, attempt to take a piece of your attacker home.

When you are in a headlock, you want to imagine yourself to be a dog. Open your mouth as wide as possible, take all of the tender meat of the abdomen or “love handle” area and make the best attempt possible to bite through the skin. Most attackers at this time are doing all they can to get you as far away from them as possible. Don’t let him go.

While still biting your attacker, let the free hand drop down as far as possible between his legs. As you do this, press all the fingers in the hand together to make it as flat as possible. Slam with all your strength into the center between his legs.

This is a highly affective maneuver if done quickly. Each step needs to blend right into the next. Don’t bite, pause to think, and then attempt the strike. If you wait between the two, most men will feel the bite and then punch your head.

Once your attacker is hurt, free yourself from his hands completely and RUN!

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  2. The weapons you have..
  3. The stomp kick!
  4. Escaping a wrist-lock!
  5. Escaping an armed attacker!
  6. Escaping a head-lock!
  7. Using you head!