Escaping an armed attacker!

Any time an attacker is holding a gun, it must be assumed he has serious considerations towards killing you. If you feel you can get out of it in one piece, let him or her have whatever material thing they desire.

No car, cash, purse, jewelry, or any other “thing” is worth losing your life over.

First rule is to stay as calm as possible. If you act crazy, scream and yell, then the attacker may choose to shoot you just so you will shut-up. So, STAY CALM!

They do not want attention drawn towards them and you must attempt to keep them as calm as possible as well as yourself. Arguing and begging are also a very bad idea.

When ordered to hand over your wallet or jewelry, respond quickly and if possible, step back away from them as much as possible.

Another thing to keep in mind is to keep as much of your "side" facing them as possible. When you face them straight on, all you are doing is giving them a large target that requires little or no aiming to hit. Turning your side towards and having your hands up and parallel to the body also gives you a little bit of protection.

As you are standing there, have your feet at shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent and rest your weight lightly on the balls of your feet. This is considered a “ready stance” in martial arts and simply means you are ready for anything. It allows you to move freely and quickly if needed. Practice this stance and get familiar with it. If things reach the point where the attacker actually tries to use the weapon, you will at least be able to try and dodge, escape, drop or roll away.

Just keep these basics in mind and there is a good posibility that you will get out of such a situation alive.

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Table Of Contents

  1. How to defend yourself? - Introduction
  2. The weapons you have..
  3. The stomp kick!
  4. Escaping a wrist-lock!
  5. Escaping an armed attacker!
  6. Escaping a head-lock!
  7. Using you head!