Escaping a wrist-lock!

Imagine that you’re about to sit down at your favorite table after that last trip around the dance floor, when whom should you see heading your way but Bubba, your ex-boyfriend.

Bubba reaches over with his left hand and grabs your left wrist, pulling you towards him and insisting you go along with him. He has twisted your hand in such a way you are in pain anytime you attempt to move. This submission hold he has you in is called a "wristlock". What are you going to do?
A wristlock is a submission technique. The opponent places pressure on the nerves and bones of the wrist. A small amount of pressure can cause enough pain to cause the victim to be willing to give into almost any thing to escape. If the attacker applies more pressure, he can actually break the wrist itself.

Great care is needed to escape the wristlock so you don’t break your own wrist by accident. The beauty of a wristlock is that the pain it causes, is because of the victim fighting the hold.

When a person attempts to fight the wrist lock, she usually tightens the muscles and tendons in the hands and wrists. By doing this the opponent is given the advantage due to the pain from your wrist.

If you can stay calm, it is possible to allow your arm, wrist and hand to relax. By doing this, the pain is removed to a great extent allowing you to give a well-placed kick, punch, bite or knee strike. If you do this, it will often surprise your opponent. 

"Take immediate advantage of this momentary confusion."

If his hold on your hand is loosened, attempt to jerk your wrist away by pushing against the attackers "thumb". The thumb is much weaker than the rest of the hand since it is alone. By rotating the bone in your arm you have extra torque to free your hand against the thumb, you have an excellent chance to loosen the grip.

Once you have freed your wrist, you have several more weapons as we have talked about earlier. 

Another technique for many other holds and grabs!

Remember that the “pinkie” or little finger is the weakest finger in the hand. If you can cover his hand with your free hand, reach over and grab the last section of his pinkie. Then using a sudden, sharp snapping motion, make the back of your opponent’s pinkie meet the back of his hand, he is going to release you immediately due to the intense pain felt in his hand!

This move while very affective and must be done with feeling. This isn’t the time to feel sympathy for your attacker’s pain.

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  1. How to defend yourself? - Introduction
  2. The weapons you have..
  3. The stomp kick!
  4. Escaping a wrist-lock!
  5. Escaping an armed attacker!
  6. Escaping a head-lock!
  7. Using you head!