Export Marketing Plan!

Once you have decided to go in for exporting, the next step is to develop a marketing plan.

As you can imagine, many foreign markets differ greatly from India. Differences include climatic and environmental factors, social and cultural factors, local availability of raw materials or product alternatives, lower or higher wage costs, varying amounts of purchasing power, the availability of foreign exchange, and government import controls. 

To handle all these changes, a marketing plan is required.

Why write a marketing plan?

A clearly written marketing plan offers six immediate benefits: 

Written plans are not easily forgotten, overlooked, or ignored by those who are made in charge of executing them. If deviation from the original plan occurs, it is probably due to a deliberate choice.

Written plans are easier to communicate to others and are less likely to be misunderstood.

Written plans allocate responsibilities and provide for a way in which results and progress can be measured.

Written plans are helpful when you have to approach banks and other organizations for financial assistance. They indicate to lenders that you have a serious approach to the export venture.

Written plans give your companies management a clear understanding of what will be required of them. 

But, before writing a marketing plan, some market recearch is to be done. We have provided a step-by-step guide to market research for exporting.

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Table Of Contents

  1. Is exporting for you?
  2.    >> What is exporting?
  3.    >> Myths about exporting!
  4.    >> What is the possibility of success?  
  5.    >> Do you have the money to export?
  6.    >> Can you handle the "risks" of exporting?
  7. Developing an "export marketing plan"!
  8.    >> Market Research
  9.    >> Export Market Entry Strategies
  10. The process of Exporting
  11.    >> Finding over-seas "buyers" and "distributors"
  12.    >> Responding to inquires
  13.    >> Preparing goods for delivery
  14.    >> Getting Paid!