Finding ebooks, games, songs and much more…

Having understood all this till here, this part should be pretty simple. Let us say you want to find songs, you simply have to tell Google to look for “mp3” files in all the un-protected directories.

To do this you can use this line:
intitle:"index of" +"index of"  +size +name +description +modified +mp3

It makes sense, does it not? Just add a “+mp3” at the end. This will make sure that all the pages come up have the term “mp3” in them.

Similarly, if you wanted to find all the “ebooks” in all the up-protected directories, you could use this line:
intitle:"index of" +"index of"  +size +name +description +modified +pdf

Incase, you are not sure what “pdf” is, “pdf” is the format in which ebooks come!

You probably get the idea now. But, you are still not getting what exactly you are looking for…you are just getting all the un-protected ebooks and mp3s!

Let us make the search more specific. You can search for a “Dil Se" mp3 using a line like this:
intitle:"index of" +"index of"  +size +name +description +modified +mp3 dil se

Notice that I have not put “dil se” in quotes or in front of a “+”. This is because I do not know how the “dil se” file will be saved! It may be saved by some different name like “dilse23.mp3”! So I just let Google figure out the closest match! Basically if you are not sure about the exact words the web page will contain, just type it without any operator or quotes and let Google figure out the closest match!

Now, you probably have a good understanding of how to get the search to work for you. Just to give you a few examples:

To search for WinZip program in the un-protected directories you might use something like:
intitle:"index of" +"index of"  +size +name +description +modified +exe win zip
To search for a “Harry Potter” ebook, you might want to use something like:
intitle:"index of" +"index of"  +size +name +description +modified +pdf harry potter

Finally, if you are too bored to type all this down your self, do not worry, here is a nice little tool, that will make Google hacking for songs really easy! Just type in what you are looking for...

Enter the Song Name:

Please Note: You may not get what you are looking for each and every time. Somethings are just too valuable to keep in an un-protected directory! But, most of the time you will be able to find what you are looking for!

Best Of Luck!

Happy Hacking!

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