How to make a great first impression with proper eye-contact!

Body language is a huge part of love. You see, scientists have studied couples in every stage of their relationship. At different stages, the couples have different body language. But, there is a definite pattern of body language that is followed by all couples. Nobody taught you this body language. You just know it. You knew it when you were born. Then the media and friends etc. confused you.

Just to give you an example: When two cats meet for the first time, they stop and look at each other. If one hisses, the other bristles his coat and hisses back. However, if the first kitten gives a little nudge with it’s nose, the other kitten responds in a similar way, then the two cats end up purring together and licking each other's coats.

In this case, the right body language for the cat to make when he first saw the other cat would be to nudge the other cat with his nose. If he were to hiss instead, he would spoil the relation with the other cat.

Human beings also have similar body language practices when they meet for the first time. But, the problem is most people are confused about them. Most people are not sure what they are supposed to do. They do not rely on their instincts and so they do not know what is to be done. This is what “first impressions” are all about. If you do not do the “fist impression” right, you will never be licking each other's coats.

Here we have tried to provide you with the best way to go about your first impression.

The most important part: Eye Contact  

A man may be classified as a breast man, a buttocks man, or a leg man. And, although women will insist they are not, most women are butt watchers. (This is not just a random statement: a British study determined that these are people's favorite eyeball destinations.)

But researchers have found that EVERYBODY is an eye person.

Powerful eye contact immediately stimulates strong feelings of affection. This was proved once and for all in a study called "The Effects of Mutual Gaze on Feelings of Romantic Love." Researchers put forty-eight men and women who didn't know each other in a big room. They gave them instructions on how much eye contact to have with their partners during casual conversation.

Afterward, the researchers asked each participant how he or she felt about the various people they had spoken with.

The results?

Those couples that were instructed to have deep eye contact with one another had increased feelings of “love” towards one another than those who did not. Simply put: Deep eye contact, from the first time you talk to your partner is very important to make him/her fall in love with you.

Why does eye contact have such a strong effect? Well, it’s complicated! It has got something to do with “primal instincts” that eye contact brings about. But, that does not matter. What matters is that, if you have an intense eye contact with your partner from the very first impression, he/she is much more likely to fall in love with you.  

Another reason why eye contact works according to researchers is that, eye contact is like giving a compliment. 

Simply put, you would look at something that is beautiful. You would not look at something that is ugly. If you do see something that is ugly, you will immediately put your hands over your eyes or look away. When something is not that interesting the first thing that your boy does is look away. Your eyes are the first things to move.

So, if you want to convey, “You are interesting, you are beautiful etc…” without really saying it, the best way to do it would be eye contact. You might we wondering, “He/she is not going to think so much! He/she is not going to realize that I am complimenting him/her!” Well, all this happens on sub-conscious level. You just do your part and make eye contact, the “other party” will understand!

If you get bored just looking at the eyes, explore the eyes. Look at all the little color changes that make up your partner’s eyes. Look at the designs of their eyes. Look at the reflection in their eyes etc.

Please note: Do not over do this also. Look away form time to time and then make eye contact again! If you just keep looking straight without blinking, you will scare him/her.

When you are talking and making eye-contact with him/her, there is another technique also that you could use. It's called “Sticky Eyes”! This is what you basically have to do:

Whenever you are talking to him/her, let your eyes stay glued to his or hers a little longer—“even during the silences”. When you must look away, do so reluctantly. Drag your eyes away slowly, as though they had been stuck. This will really get your partner going! Remember the key, “Maintain eye contact for some time even during silences!”

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