Putting your website on the Internet - For FREE!

There are a few places on the Internet that allow you to put your website on the Internet, free of charge, and without adds. One of them is http://www.awardspace.com/free_web_hosting.html 

However, these hosting service providers change their plans constantly. So, if you are reading this information a few years after this web page was made, then AwardSpace might have changed their plans or closed down etc.

However, you must look at the free-hosting site properly before signing up. There could be some hidden catch somewhere. However, it is definitely possible to put your website on the Internet free of charge and without any adds. Here is a whole list of sites that do this http://www.free-webhosts.com/no-forced-ads.php Check it out and choose some free service.

How do these free hosting and no-adds guys make money?

Most of these free-hosting and no-adds people hope that you will use their free hosing service and after some time will go in for their paid service that offers many more benefits. So they provide free-hosting as a “demo” or for marketing.

Some of them just like to promote web development and are charity organizations. If you support us then maybe indiahowto.com will soon start this kind of no-adds, free-hosting service to promote web hosting in India.

How to use these free web-hosting services?

Well, its pretty simple, just go to the free web hosting site and sign up for their free web hosting account. They will set-your account up instantly. You will have a "user-name" and "password"

Choose your "username" wisely. Generally, your username becomes your website address. For example, if you choose your username as “goat” then your website address will probably be something like www.hostingsite.com/goat

It would be wise to make your username or website address you biggest keyword. For example, if your website is all about "making cakes". Then choose your username as “make-cakes”. That way your website address becomes something like www.hostingsite.com/make-cakes.

You want to have this kind of "keyword" website address for two reasons: Firstly, if the search engines see this website address, they know that the site is about making cakes. Secondly, since your site is about making cakes, the website address will be a little easier to remember.  

Actually, this website address is a little to long for anyone to remember. So you might want to shorten the website address to something like www.make-cakes.cn.com This kind of thing is possible and we will look at how to do this a little later. 

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Table Of Contents

  1. How to create a website? & Why make one?
  2. The Basics
  3. Making a website - First step, learn HTML!
  4.    >> After you learn HTML - Website making tools..
  5.    >> Website Design Guidelines
  6.    >> SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  7.  Putting up your site on the Internet - For Free!
  8.    >> Uploading Your Website
  9.    >> Making your long free-hosting URL short
  10. Paid hosting 
  11. Marketing your website - Getting visitors!