So how can you use a blog to make money?

It’s quite simple, companies that are selling products, are looking for places to advertise. These companies are interested in advertising in places where a large number of people will see their advertisement. If you start a blog and your blog is very interesting, it will draw a large number of people.

Once companies selling products know that a large number of people come to your blog, they will see your blog as a good place to advertise. They will ask you to put up their adds on your blog and they will pay you for your advertising space.

So that’s how you make money from your blog! Simple, isn’t it?

The catch is: It takes a whole lot of effort!

If you want to make any money, you need to have a large number of people coming to your blog. If you want a large number of people coming to your blog, you have to have something on your blog that is worth reading. 

Not only that, you got to constantly add new content to your blog that is worth reading so that people keep coming back to your blog to read more. Not only that, you got to market your blog, you got to tell as many people as possible about your blog.

All this takes effort and time! Becoming popular is not that easy. In any case, we will give you the basics of how you can do all this. You will have to take the effort and actually do it ;-)

However, before we go into the actual process of setting up your blog, let us just mention the other ways in which you can make money from your blog.

Other ways to make money from of your blog

Sell merchandise:
If you have a really popular blog with thousands of fans, you can start selling t-shirts, mugs, caps etc. with your face or your logo on it.

Make your blog a book and sell it:
If you have a really popular blog with thousands of fans, you can turn your blog into a book or e-book and sell it.

Endorse products:
If you have thousands of fans who read everything you write, and do everything you do, you can endorse and promote certain products and the companies manufacturing the products will pay you for it.

These are just some ideas, what you do with the people who come to your blog is your look-out. There are 100’s of ways to make money once you have a popular blog, but the key is, you have to have a popular blog.

Technically speaking, this way of making money is the way in which a large number of sites on the Internet make money. It’s not only for blogs, it’s for all kinds of sites. But we are talking about blogs here because blogs are easier and cheaper to create and maintain than websites. A decent blog can be set up completely free of charge and does not require knowledge of HTML or programming to run and maintain. The only thing a successful blog requires is "hard work" and anyone can put in hard work. So the next obvious question is….

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