How much energy does your body need?

Depending on your age, weight, the activities you do, etc. you will need a certain amount of calories. If you go for a run every morning, you will require more energy and more calories per day. If you are an athlete you will require more calories per day. If you sit, and work on a computer all day, you will require fewer calories per day.

How many calories do you require, can be roughly calculated by using a calculator like this one. 

So, now what? Now that you know how many calories per day you need, then what? Now you got to figure out, how many calories per day you consume. How do you do this?

As your day progresses, make a note of everything that you eat. Each and everything, no matter how small it is. Then, after that, use this calculator. Put in all the things that you ate into the calculator. For each thing you put, you will get a “Calorie” value. Note that value. (You will also get a “Fats” value. Forget about that!)

After you have noted all the values, add them all up. This will be your total calorie intake for that day.

Let us assume that you are getting your total calorie intake to be: 3000 and according to the first calculator, you are getting the calories required by you to be: 2500. This means that you consume 500 calories more than you need per day.

Now remember this: For every 7700 calories extra you gain, you gain "one more kg" of weight!

So if you continue to consume 500 calories more than you need, for around 15 days, you will gain 1 more kilogram. This means, that every month you are going to be 2kg fatter if you do not make some change in the calories you use and the calories you take in!

 So, how do we solve this problem?

Well, there are many things you can do! We shall try to explain all of them here… 

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  1. How to lose weight? - Introduction
  2. Why do you gain weight?
  3. What are calories? Why is everyone after them?
  4. How much energy does your body need?
  5. Controlling your weight!
  6. Dieting and exercise!
  7. Improve your metabolic rate..
  8. Scams and myths...