What makes one a procrastinator? - Make sure your child does not become one!

In this section we will try to understand how one becomes a procrastinator and how you can make sure that your child does not turn into one. Even though, this explanation is small, we have given it an individual page so that you would take it seriously and try to make sure that your child does not turn into a procrastinator!

Procrastinators are made. Nobody is born a procrastinator. On of the main reasons why children turn into procrastinators is because, they have strict parents. If you have strict parents who tell you exactly what is to be done, when it is to be done and how it is to be done, you never develop the ability to do things on your own. You never develop the ability to decide what you should do and schedule your time your-self and do it. You always need to be told what is to be done. This is the root cause of procrastination. Later on in life, it takes on different forms as we discussed in the previous pages.

Another major cause of procrastination is “rebellion”. When you have strict parents, who tell you how you should do every little thing, you try to rebel against them and not do anything. This turns into procrastination. And your friends who are tolerant to the excuses you give them, further support this procrastination!

So, how do you make sure your child does not grow up to be a in-efficient procrastinator? Obvious isn’t it! Let you child learn to do things by himself/herself. Give your child the freedom to choose to do things on time or postpone things. Whenever they do things on time, reward the child. Let the child know that he/she has done something right. 

If you do not do this and do all the thinking and scheduling for the child, he will never ever try to think about such things and will finally turn into a in-efficient procrastinator.

Raising children is a very delicate business. Do it properly! If you do not, the child will not grow up to be as efficient or self-confident or self-controlled as everyone else. For no fault of his, he will be at a disadvantage. When he/she understands all this, he/she will blame you.            

This was an important issue and so we brought it up! Now, let us look at some techniques you can use to overcome procrastination. First, a very interesting new age procrastination overcoming technique called “Structured Procrastination”…..

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Table Of Contents

  1. How to stop procrastinating? - Intro.
  2. Why do we procrastinate? - Part 1
  3. Why do we procrastinate? - Part 2
  4. Make sure your child does not be a procrastinator!!
  5. Structured Procrastination...
  6. Tips & Methods to overcome procrastination!