How to clean up your Windows XP?

Is your Windows XP too slow? Do all the programs take a minute or so to start? Does your computer take amount 15-20 mins to start up? You need to clean it up! You need to speed it up! You need to do the required maintenance! This article will show you how to do this!

However, cleaning up your system is a boring and time-consuming task. To help you decide whether cleaning your system is worth the effort, we have given you the “Pro’s & Con’s” of cleaning your system! This should help you decide whether you want to actually put in the time and effort and clean your system!

The Pros

The benefits of cleaning up your system, are listed here:

Speed: A clean system runs faster than one that needs cleaning. Do you remember when you got your PC? It ran very fast. If your system stays clean, you shouldn’t notice it running any slower over time. Unfortunately, most systems don’t stay clean and require attention. Give it that attention — do the cleaning — and your system can run just as fast as it did the day you got it.

Reliability: A huge benefit of a clean system is that it is more reliable than one that is not clean. If you do not clean your system, over time it becomes unstable. Unstable systems crash. Unstable systems have a tendency to lose data. Unstable systems are a real pain. Clean your system, and you should see stability.

Stress reduction: Having a clean system can reduce stress and provide peace of mind. How so? Consider the worry you would have if a virus infected your system, or if you weren’t sure that the financial data on it was safe…you know what we mean! Worry comes in all shapes and sizes. If you clean your computer, you have a better control on what’s on your computer and how it’s being used.

Economics: Cleaning your computer can save you money — sometimes lots of money. “Running low on space? Get a new drive! Computer running slow? Get a new system!” That is the general thinking that most people have. Some of those new drives and new systems would have been unnecessary had the users done just a little cleaning.

The Cons

Time-consumption: Cleaning your computer takes time. You probably have little time right now. Cleaning your computer can take anywhere from a small amount to a substantial amount of time.

How much time will your clean-up take? We can’t answer that, but we can say be prepared for a time commitment and be patient — your time will pay off in the end when your computer is running more smoothly.

You don’t have to do all the cleaning together, although you could. You can spend the time over a period of days or weeks, as the time becomes available. We have showed you how to "schedule your cleaning" later in this article.

The bother: We won’t lie to you — cleaning up your computer can be a boring. But we encourage you to not procrastinate cleaning; don’t put it off!

So, what say? Are you going to clean your system? We HIGHLY recommend that you do! But before you start deleting files and cleaning up your system, you first need to take some precautions and learn some basics of system maintenance! 

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Table Of Contents

  1. How to clean up your Windows XP? - Introduction
  2. Before you do anything! - Precautions!
  3. Creating a cleaning schedule..for a fast PC
  4. Monthly cleaning tasks..
  5.      >> Getting rid of all the "Spyware"!!
  6.      >> Defragmenting your drive???
  7. Improving the Windows Performance! 
  8. Speeding up your PC's startup speed!