How to control your weight?

Stop eating!?

Well, you could stop eating and taking in calories. This would force the body to the use up the calories that are stored in your fat. If you use up 2500 calories per day, then after 4 days of complete fasting, you should have lost around 7700 calories or 1Kg of fat. If you want to loose 15Kg’s, you will just have to fast for 45 days! But we recommend that you DO NOT do this!!

Mainly because it is a very impractical solution to loosing weight! Even though fasting for one or two days is healthy; fasting for 15 or 45 days is just stupid!

If you do not eat anything, it will be very hard to do any work. Your appetite will really drive you crazy! Your appetite is the thing that makes you feel hungry and makes you want to eat. If you do not eat, your appetite will keep growing and keep “poking” you to eat. Don’t you know, from common experience, how irritable you can get if you are hungry and have not eaten in a long time? That’s your appetite driving you crazy!

So, what do you do then?


You could start dieting. What you will have to do is keep an account of how many calories you take in each day. You will have to make sure that you take in fewer calories than you burn each day. For example: If your body needs 2500 calories per day, you must in only have 2000 calories of food each day.

If you do this, each day, your body will have to use 500 calories from your fat. If you follow your diet for 15 days, you will loose 1 Kg! Why? Well, 15 days x 500 calories = 7500 calories taken from fat! That is approximately 1 kg of fat burned! 

If you want to loose 15 kg, it will take you "255 days" if follow your diet strictly!

Generally, the problem with dieting is that, it is hard to stick to a diet all the time. You have to go for social functions, outings etc. where you can’t say that you are not going to eat anything because you are on a diet. Besides this, if you go on a strict diet, that too makes you hungry and irritable! Because of that, working may become hard!

The worst thing about diets is that, once you get off your diet, you will re-gain a lot of weight! Why? Because one you get off your diet, and start eating normally, you will once again have extra calories each day!

For example: One you get off your diet, let us assume that you start taking in 2700 calories per day. But, your body needs only 2500 calories per day. You will be taking in 200 calories extra per day! This will build up and in 38 days, again you will have gained 1 kg!

Besides that, as we said earlier, your body is made for survival. So, if you are on a diet, the body thinks that there is not enough food available. So, the body does not use energy “liberally”. The body becomes very careful about how much energy it used. If, when you were not dieting, you needed 2500 calories per day, after you start dieting, you will need only 2000 calories per day! To put it in scientific terms, the body lowers the metabolic rate!

Now, assume that after a few days of dieting, you decide to quit. Now what happens? Since you have stopped dieting, you are taking in 2700 calories per day! But, your body has become very careful about energy usage. So you are using only 2000 calories of energy each day. Because of this, you will have 700 calories extra per day! This will end up as 1kg of fat in 7 days!!

Basically, if you want to diet and stay thin, you can never stop dieting. You will have to diet forever!

However, when dieting, you can solve the “always hungry” or “appetite” problem by taking in foods that are large but have very few calories. Fore example: Eat an apple. If you eat an apple, your “hunger” will go away and you will have taken in very few calories. If you eat a “one cream biscuit” on the other hand, your hunger will still remain but the number of calories that you have eaten will be far more than an apple!

If you are cooking food for your family or your self, you should try these low calorie recipes.

Incorporate these low calorie recipes in your life. You should see the difference immediately! They are designed to make you feel full but give you very few calories in the process. That way, your “appetite” problem can be solved!    

But, there is still on problem. Dieting takes too much time for you to loose weight! As we said earlier, if you are on a diet and you consume 500 calories less than you need each day, then too you will need 255 days of consistent dieting to loose 15kg! So, how do we speed up things….

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