How to create a website? & Why?

The need for having a website...

If you are running a business, you MUST have a website. Why? You see, the world is growing, the Internet is growing, India is growing! There are more and more computers all over the place now. There are more and more Internet connections all over the place now. So, thinking about “Who is going to come visit my website?” is hardly a question anymore.

As you probably already know, the harder you make it for someone to do something, the lesser the possibility of them actually doing it! If something is hard for people to do, they will not do it. If something is easy for people to do, a large number of people will do it. The Internet is very important because of this! You see, it is very easy to find out information from the Internet. You just have to go to a search engine and type in what you are looking for. You will find hundreds of answers.

If someone was looking for a “fiber optic cable manufacturer” in Pune for example, a few years ago, he would probably first start looking in the “Yellow pages”. A few years ago, there were no other options that people had.

Now, since information can be found so easily on the Internet, people don’t waste time with yellow pages. They will just go to Google and type in “fiber optic cable manufacturer pune” and find all the info they are looking for. 

What if your competitors have websites and you don’t? All the customers who look up information on the Internet will immediately go to them! You may have better products and services, but since no body can find you, you are loosing customers. You have to make it easy for people to find you.

Assuming that your competitors don’t have websites, then YOU SHOULD be the first one to put up a website. Do it now! The customers who search for the products or services you are selling will know you before they know your competitors. If they visit your professional looking website before they visit you, they will already know that you are a company worth dealing with.

If you are running a business, a good professional looking website is a very important marketing tool. If your website shows up for every search for a product or service you are selling, it gives a very good impression to your customers who are online. So if you are running a business, there is no doubt that you MUST have a website!

If you belong to any “government organization” or service that the government of India provides, I especially urge you to have a website. There are many young Indians who use the Internet all the time as a source of information. They would love to see information that is provided by their Government supporting them. There is a lot the Indian govt. has to offer. However, few people know about these things. They are not marketed very well. So, if you belong to a Government organization or service, MAKE A WEBSITE! If you are not interested in making a website yourself, contact us we will make it for you. 

If you belong to some organization that works towards a better India or for the people of the country, contact us, we will try to help you with everything we can.

Since you have read all this till here, you probably have a good reason for wanting to make a website, so let me not try to convince you any further. Let us get to it!

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Table Of Contents

  1. How to create a website? & Why make one?
  2. The Basics
  3. Making a website - First step, learn HTML!
  4.    >> After you learn HTML - Website making tools..
  5.    >> Website Design Guidelines
  6.    >> SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  7.  Putting up your site on the Internet - For Free!
  8.    >> Uploading Your Website
  9.    >> Making your long free-hosting URL short
  10. Paid hosting 
  11. Marketing your website - Getting visitors!