How to defend yourself?

This article gives you the basics of self-defense. In this article, we have shown you practical techniques that you can use if you are attacked by someone. 

The article DOES NOT teach you martial arts or karate. The article teaches you some simple techniques, that anyone can learn. The techniques will help you free your-self from the attacker and run to some safe location. Using these techniques you will be able to escape a life-or-death type situation. 

We recommend that YOU read this article. Many people think that nothing could ever happen to them. You probably think this too. But the truth is, things happen. They happen a lot. A large number of people each day get attacked, robbed, raped etc. 

We beg you, read and learn these techniques. Learn to defend yourself. Don't wait for something to happen. 

We know people for whom it was too late. They were people like you and me who though that nothing could possibly happen to them. But they were attacked! 

I ask you to at least get all the women and young girls you know to read this article and learn these techniques. If you are a father, brother, mother you must learn these techniques and teach them to your family. 

This article is just the beginning. There is a lot more to learn about self-defense. Everyone should learn to defend themselves.

This article is especially written for women and from their point of view, however, the same techniques can be used by anyone.  

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Table Of Contents

  1. How to defend yourself? - Introduction
  2. The weapons you have..
  3. The stomp kick!
  4. Escaping a wrist-lock!
  5. Escaping an armed attacker!
  6. Escaping a head-lock!
  7. Using you head!