How to fight against corruption?

Generally, cases of corruption are either dropped on some “technicality” or the progress in these cases is very slow due to some influence. Because of this, corrupt officials go free! You can put an end to this. Use RTI!

You can seek details from the “vigilance wing” of any government department. Incase you don’t know, the “vigilance wing” is supposed to keep an eye out and investigate into all malpractices, frauds etc.

You can send an application to the PIO and ask for the following details:

  1. Please give a list of all the officials against whom any complaint of corruption was received from any quarter during the period ________ to _______.
  2. Please give copies of all these complaints.
  3. Out of the above, which of the cases have been dropped and why? I would like to inspect all these files. Please intimate the date and time when I can come to inspect these files.
  4. Please indicate the progress being made in the rest of the cases.

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Table Of Contents

  1. How to save INDIA from corruption? - Intro
  2. Right To Information (RTI) FAQ!
  3. Don't pay bribes to get your Govt. related work done!
  4. How to get your area cleaned up?
  5. How to fight against corruption?
  6. How to get your Govt. related problems solved?
  7. Know what the Govt. is doing with your tax money?
  8. Save RTI! Act Now!