The "funda" behind Google hacks!

On the Internet, the files are saved in the same way as they are saved on your computer. All the files are organized into folders so that they are easy to understand and use.

For example: On your computer, you may have different folders like, “music” or “videos” or “documents” etc.. On the Internet also files are generally organized into folders. For example, a mp3 music website site may have all the songs that the website provides in a directory called “songs”!

Now, if you can use Google to find the "songs" directory, you will have the directory and all the songs in it! That is basically what we are going to teach you how to do…

Note that, it’s not as simple as that. All the big sites, that serve 1000’s of songs and charge for it, are not going to just have their “songs” directory in the open for anyone to hack. There are many ways to protect your website from these Google hacks! Most big websites are protected from Google hacks.

But, this hack is still quite useful because there are many small websites out there who have their “songs” directory in the open and un-protected for anyone to see…

Now, an open or un-protected directory on the Internet, generally looks something like this:

Un-protected directory on the Internet!

Irrespective of where or how the un-protected directory is, it generally always looks like the image above. This is important because we are going to get Google to search for all these un-protected directories on the Internet…

Un-protected directory with common elements marked!

In the image above, we have marked with a red circle all the parts of un-protected directory page that will be there in every un-protected directory.

The words:

  • Index of
  • Name
  • Last Modified
  • Size
  • Description

will be part of almost every un-protected directory. There is also one other part that is there in every un-protected directory on the Internet. This part is, the words: “Index of” in the “Title” of the web page. 

If you are not sure what the "title" of a web page is, you could look up to the top-most part of this window. The line right on top is called the title. For example: The title of this web page is: “How to find un-protected directories using Google? ::”

Similarly, the title of an unprotected web-page will have the words “Index of” in it. So, we are going to get Google to search for all these web pages of un-protected directories. We will be able to do this, using some basic Google commands....

You are probably wondering why we were talking about the "Index of" and the other common elements of the un-protected directory...well, continue to read, then next page will clear up all your doubts....

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Table Of Contents

  1. How to HACK using Google? - Intro
  2. The "funda" behind Google hacks!
  3. Basic Google commands...
  4. Finding ebooks, songs, games, software...