How to get your neighborhood cleaned up?

Does your area remain very dirty? The municipal sweepers rarely show up? 

Submit an application to the appropriate PIO on the following lines:

I live at (give your address). Please provide the following information with respect to the sanitary conditions of the beat in which my house falls:

  1. Please provide the list of all the sweepers and sanitation officials with their addresses and contact nos. working in this beat.
  2. Please provide copy of attendance register for this beat for the month of (mention the last month).
  3. Please provide copy of muster roll for this beat for the month of (mention the last month).
  4. Please mention against each sweeper, his geographical and functional job responsibilities, for instance, which streets is a particular sweeper supposed to be working everyday and what is he supposed to be doing in those streets.
  5. I am told that after lunch the sweepers are supposed to go on fateek duty every day in which all the sweepers intensively clean one area each day. Please give the fateek duty schedule for the entire month for the above month.
  6. Does the fateek schedule remain the same every month or does it change? If it is different for each month, please give me the fateek duty schedule for the next three months.
  7. Please give a list of all the sanitation officials in this beat who were absent anytime during the last six months. Please mention durations of absence in each case.
  8. In how many of these cases, applications for leave were received. Please give copies of these leave applications.

After you receive the list of sweepers, you can inform the people in your area about the names of the sweepers employed in respective streets. The people may like to keep a watch on whether the sweeper is coming or not. Specific complaints could then be made to the authorities about which sweeper was absent and when. If no action is taken, file a RTI once more and ask about why action has not been taken and who is accountable. Action will be taken!

Do you have a garbage bin in your area which is not being cleaned regularly? File an application and seek information on the following lines:

There is a garbage bin at (give address of the garbage bin). Please provide the following information with respect to this garbage bin:

  • Please give the address of the Depot from where the loader and truck for this garbage bin are sent?
  • Please give the vehicle nos of the truck and the loader assigned for picking up garbage from this garbage bin.
  • As per the vehicle beat register maintained at the Depot, please give the time when these vehicles left the Depot and at what time did they return to the Depot on each day from ________ to _________ (mention the period for which you want this detail).
  • On each of the days during the above period, please mention the addresses of the garbage bins, which were serviced by these vehicles.
  • Please give the numbers of trips made by this truck on each of these days.
  • On each of these trips, please mention the weight of the garbage picked up by this truck, as per the weighment receipts at landfill sites.
  • This garbage bin has not been cleaned for the last _____ days. The area SI is supposed to send balance report to the workshop SI everyday giving details of the garbage left unattended. On the basis of this report, the workshop SI is supposed to get such garbage picked up. Please give copies of balance reports sent by the area SI for each day during this period.
  • Does the balance report for each of these days mention that the garbage at this bin is not being picked up? If no, why has the area SI not been mentioning the same?

Normally, it becomes difficult for the officials to reply to these questions because the records about these things are probably not maintained. If they do reply to all the above questions, this will lead to them taking action against the officers who have not been performing their duties. Generally, so that no further inquires are made, the work is done immediately.

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