Get your Govt. grievances sloved!

If you have a grievance or problem against any Govt. detpartment, you can use the department’s “Grievance Redressal Machinery” to voice your problem so that it may be solved.

Unfortunately, the officers in charge do little about the grievances that they receive. You can change this. Now, you can keep a check on the working of the “grievance redressal machinery” of any department. 

Use RTI and ask for the following details:

Please give a list of all the grievances received by all the officers in your department during the period ________ to _______. The list should contain the following details:

  1. Name and address of the complainant
  2. The circle/district etc to which it pertains
  3. Brief description of the grievance
  4. Date of receipt of grievance
  5. Date of redressal of grievance
  6. Nature of redressal
  7. If not redressed, reasons for the same
  8. As per law, in how many days such a grievance should be redressed
  9. Name of the official responsible for the delay
  10. Action proposed to be taken against this official for delay
  11. Is grievance against an official? If yes, name of the person
  12. What action has been taken against that employee?
  13. If any enquiry carried out, results of the same
  14. If no enquiry carried out, why?

Please give copies of all the complaints and enquiry reports made against the officials alleged to be guilty.

Once investigation into these matters begin, the Govt. department will have to start correcting itself. 

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