How to quit smoking?

If you smoke, we recommend that you definitely read this article! This article will tell you everything that you need to know about quitting smoking. Even if you are not really keen on quitting and are not sure why you should quit, we still recommend that you read this article just for the fun of it!

If you know anyone who smokes, we recommend that you read this article and tell them about it or direct them to read this article too.

Like all the other articles on, this article too is written in a very practical and realistic way. We are NOT going to give you sappy “tips”! We shall explain to you things that will help you understand what you are trying to accomplish so that accomplishing you goal of quitting smoking is possible.

Now, firstly, just incase you think that you do not want to quit smoking, let us tell you a little about what kind of effect smoking has…

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Table Of Contents

  1. How to quit smoking? - Introduction
  2. The bad effects of smoking!!
  3. Why is it sooo hard to quit smoking?
  4. How to stop?