The "alcohol" method!

If you think the liquid in which your phone has fallen is saline, or containing salts or sugars or minerals (like sea water, coffee etc.), using only the previous method will not do. You will need to do a little bit extra to save your phone!

How do you get rid of the salts, sugars and minerals?

After you dismantle the pieces of your wet phone and remove the battery, try to put the pieces as fast as possible in a bowl of “alcohol”! I know this seems a little scary. I know you are afraid of taking an already wet and damaged phone and putting it into alcohol, but trust us, it’s a good idea!

Why alcohol?

Well, all the water/liquid in the phone (along with the salts, sugars and minerals) will dissolve in the alcohol. The alcohol is supposed to be “hygroscopic”. It means that the alcohol attracts water.

So now, once the phone is soaked in the alcohol, you should try to drain out as much alcohol as possible just by moving the phone around. Having done this, only little alcohol will remain on the insides of the phone. And this alcohol should dry up quite quickly, since alcohol evaporates at room temperature.

Note: If you feel that there is a lot of sugar clogged in the phone (from tea/coffee or some other drink..) you should get your self a bottle of "distilled" water. Let your phone soak in it. The sugars will likely dissolve in the "distilled" water and drip out of the phone. 

Where do you get a bottle of distilled water from?

Ask an electrician. Distilled water is generally used for your home inverter batteries, so a local electrician will probably know where to get it in your area.

Fianlly: You could once again dry your phone in the “heat vents” of the computer or TV and wait for at least 2-3 days before you put in the battery and power up the phone.

In most cases, if you act fast enough, these methods will save your phone. But, if it does not, try taking it to your dealer. Sometimes they have a “quick fix”. As a last resort, go to the phone repair guys!

Best Of Luck

Jai Hind. 

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  2. The basic method (For clean water!)
  3. The "alcohol" method (For saline water!)