How to save a wet cell-phone?

After having a few terrible monsoons in India, (and floods and tsunamis and all sorts of crazy things…) the question “How to save your wet cell phone?” is close to everyone’s heart!

Wet cell-phone!

Here we have given you a detailed guide that will tell you exactly what you can do to save your wet cell phone, and save 700 bucks in repairing cost, IFF you act fast enough! So, lets begin….

Okay, so basically, there are two ways in which water, or some liquid can destroy your phone!

First Way: If the phone is powered with the battery when it is wet, the water can “short-circuit” the phone! So, to solve this problem, you got to remove the battery, cut the power, and get rid of all the water. How to do this? Well, the best way to do this is explained on the next page.

Second Way: If, the liquid is not just pure water. If it is sea water or saline water or any water that contains salts and minerals. If the liquid is a cup of coffee or tea. Basically, if the liquid contains any salts, sugars or minerals that will stay behind after the liquid has dried. In this case, the salts/sugars/minerals etc. that stay behind will “corrode” and “short-circuit” the circuits even after the liquid has been removed. How to solve this problem is explained later!

Now, depending on what kind of liquid or water your phone has got wet in, you need to decide which method is for you. Let us start with the basic method (for water that does not contain salt or sugar or minerals) first....

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Table Of Contents

  1. How to save a wet cell-phone?
  2. The basic method (For clean water!)
  3. The "alcohol" method (For saline water!)