How to start a blog ?

Before you begin the step-by-step procedures given below and start to create your own blog, we recommend that you take a look at a few blogs first. See what you like, what you don’t like, what blogs have etc. To take a look at some blogs, you could go to

There are 100’s of blogs on and all over the internet. Take a look at these, read a few so that you get a better idea about what a blog is. Once you do this, you can begin our step-by-step guide to making money though your blog. We have given the steps to start-up your own blog below.   

Step 1: Determine a theme:

The first thing you need to do is decide what you are planning to talk about on your blog. Are you going to talk about your everyday life? Are you going to talk about some subject in which you are an expert? What can you talk about on your blog that is worth reading? What can you talk about on your blog that will really make people interested and keep coming back again and again. When choosing the theme of your blog, choose something that you can write a lot about.

For example: If you are a house wife with a good sense of humor, you could start blog called “Adventures of a House Wife!” where you talk about all the funny things that keep happening in your everyday life. If your blog is interesting, you will have a huge fan base of like minded house wifes who come to your blog each day to read what you have to say.


If you are a marketing expert, start a blog about marketing. Talk about marketing and how life is, being a marketing expert. You will have a large number of people who are interested in marketing coming to your blog if it is good.

That's the basic idea. Think about your theme and your topic wisely. What kind of topic will interest people? What kind of topic can you write about? 

Step 2: Select a service:

There are many places where you can set up a good quality "free of charge" blog. Some of these place are:

Check them out, see what you like, and decide on one. We suggest It’s a Google service. It’s very good and easy to use. It is also very easy to make money though your blog by placing adds when you are at

Step 3: Set up your blog:

Setting up your blog is generally very easy. In the blogging service sites mentioned above, there is a very simple and straight forward process to set up your blog. You just have to make some simple decisions about how you want your blog to look etc. and you will be set. Don’t worry, its not at all hard or technical to set up a blog. Just go to the blogging service you are interested in and the rest will fall into place.

Step 4: Write your first post

Okay, now you’re ready to create your first post. If you are not really fond of writing or are not really good at writing, this may be the most difficult step for you. You will have to work hard and be as creative as possible to come up with interesting things to write about. With time you will get the hang of it. 

If you don’t know where to start, begin with a “Welcome to My Blog” post. Tell your prospective readers why you have started your blog and what kinds of things you intend to write about.

After you write your first post you have to work on the next great interesting post. And once you do that, you have to work on the next great interesting post. If you can do this consistently for a year or so, and people really start to like your blog, you will start to become popular. As mentioned earlier, all this takes a whole lot of work!

Now come the most important and difficult step so we will go into it in some more detial.

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