How to take great photos?

This guide is a complete beginner's guide to the art of photography. Photography is an interesting thing! It’s not as simple as it seems. If you take your camera and just randomly shoot…you might get good photos once in a while. But if you want "really great" photos, you need to learn all that goes into photography. And this guide teaches you everything that you need to know.

The guide is written from scratch. The concepts that are explained in this guide can be used for digital as well as non-digital photography. However, since most of the readers use digital cameras, we have written everything from the digital point of view. But, people who do not use digital cameras can easily figure out what they need to do with their camera to obtain the same effect. 

As with all the other articles on indiahowto, this article is explained in a practical way that you can apply and use. We hope you enjoy it! 

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Table Of Contents

  1. How to take great photos? - Introduction
  2. Two major "funds" of photography!
  3. The concept of your photo...
  4. Depth of field (DOF)!!
  5. How to actually do all this? 
  6. But my camera does not have all these options!!
  7. Shutter speed, ISO and dim lighting...
  8. The magic of the "+"
  9. Some final tips...