How to approach her? (For Men)

Without going into all the details of science, here are the generally excepted “best strategies” that men can use to approach their partner.

Assume that, you are a little distance away from her, across the room/hotel etc.
Make eye contact: Maintain steady eye contact with her and hold it just a little bit too long.

Smile at her: Make sure your smile is friendly and respectful, not a dirty grin or a smirk.

Give her a nod: If she returns your gaze “within 45 seconds”, give her a nod. The nod reads, "I like you. May I talk to you?"

Move within her range: The final step is to move close enough to her to talk. Do this last step fast. If you do not, you will look very un-confident to her.

You might be wondering what that whole 45 seconds thing was about. You see, when you look at her and hold your eye contact for a few extra seconds, be prepared for her to look away. A woman has been trained to lower her eyes when a man looks at her. Remember: This does not mean she is not interested.

Research and analysis tells us, after looking away, if the woman looks up again within 45 seconds, she welcomes your attention. So, if she pretends to look at something else and looks back at you within 45 seconds, she likes you. Go to the next step. Give her a nod and move within her talking range.

Now the question is, what do you say when you approach her? Do you use a “pickup line” Something like, “Is your father a terrorist? Because you a bomb!” 

NO! NO! NO! Do not do this. Pick up lines are just jokes. They are not supposed to be used actually. They will never work!

Your opening words should relate to the woman or the current situation. Ask her what time it is. Compliment her watch or her outfit. Ask her for directions. Inquire how she knows the host or hostess of the party. Whatever you say, she knows it's just an excuse for you to talk to her. If she likes you, that's fine with her. 

So be confident and just say something simple. We will come to the art of conversation a little later…

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Table Of Contents

  1. How to make anyone fall in love with you? - Intro.
  2. First Impressions - Very Important
  3. How to have sexy eyes?
  4. How to approach her (For Men)?
  5. How to approach him (For Women)?
  6. The art of converstantion..
  7. About the first date!