Imporve your matabolic rate!

There are many people who will stay thin and not gain weight no matter what they eat! They can eat all sorts or high calorie foods like butter and cheese and all their calories will just burn away. They never have worry about gaining too much weight. Why?

Their body has a very high metabolic rate! This means that their body uses up the calories at a much faster rate. That way, they have very few extra calories. And so, the extra calories are not sorted in the form of fat and they never end up getting fat! Lucky, aren’t they!

The truth is, if you just sit around all day, suppose you will burn only 1500 calories, if they sit around all day they will burn off 2000 calories for doing nothing! Why? It’s in genetics! They genetically have a high metabolic rate! Genetically, their body burns up more energy and saves less energy in the form of fat!

If you want a permanent solution to your weight problem, you have to become like them! Once you are like them, you can sit around and burn more calories. You don’t need to be on a diet forever. You do not need to exercise each and every day of your life. You will be burning calories while you sleep, while you sit, while you read!  

So, how do you get this “high metabolic rate”?

It’s hard; there is no short cut! It is definitely hard, but once you achieve it, then you can enjoy it!

One of the best ways to develop a high metabolic rate is though building "muscle tissue!" You see, there are many reasons why muscle tissue will increase you metabolic rate like, a muscle tissue requires more energy than a fat tissue etc.. But the part that we are interested in is, if you want to have a high metabolic rate, you need to have more muscle tissue.

To understand how much muscle you need to build, use this method:

First find out your "fat %" age using this calculator.

Now, use the fat % value to calculate your "fat-free mass" using this formula:

Fat free mass = [(100 - Fat%) x Total Weight in Kg] / 100

Then, use this formula to find out how much your RMR or Resting Metabolic Rate (or calories you burn if you do not do anything all day) is:

RMR = 1.3 * Fat Free Mass (in kg) * 24

Suppose you find out that your RMR is 1700, that means that you burn 1700 calories by just sting around all day. If you eat food that has more calories than 1700 per day, you will gain weight.

So, you can increase your metabolic rate from 1700 to something like 2000 by lowering your fat % and increasing your muscle mass!

How do you increase your muscle mass? 

Any resistance exercise will help to increase your muscle mass. The best solution is join a gym and tell the trainer that you want to increase your muscle mass. He will guide you! After you have a high enough muscle mass, you will have a high metabolic rate…and you will be burning calories even when you are just sitting around. This is the only permanent solution! Work on this, forget about loosing weight and feeling happy. Work on increasing your metabolic rate. Use the calculators and formulas provided above to measure your progress.

This is obviously not an easy solution. It takes work and dedication. But, in the end it’s the best solution!

Finally, there are many scams and myths out there, don’t fall for them…. 

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