How to export?

Since you are reading this, you probably want to start an export company or want to start exporting the goods that you manufacture, outside India and enjoy the high profits of exports!

This guide will show you how to do this. 

However, before we go into "How to export?", let us try to understand what exports are all about and whether you and your company are in a position to benefit from exporting. 

So, the next question is:

Is exporting for you?

Exporting requires, some amount of commitment, certain resources, capital and a good understanding of the risks involved. In the first section of this article we have talked about these things. 

After having read the first section of this article, you will have a much more clear picture about what goes into exporting and whether you and your firm should go in for it?

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Table Of Contents

  1. Is exporting for you?
  2.    >> What is exporting?
  3.    >> Myths about exporting!
  4.    >> What is the possibility of success?  
  5.    >> Do you have the money to export?
  6.    >> Can you handle the "risks" of exporting?
  7. Developing an "export marketing plan"!
  8.    >> Market Research
  9.    >> Export Market Entry Strategies
  10. The process of Exporting
  11.    >> Finding over-seas "buyers" and "distributors"
  12.    >> Responding to inquires
  13.    >> Preparing goods for delivery
  14.    >> Getting Paid!