Know what the Govt. is doing with your tax money!

Right to Information Act allows any citizen to inspect any government work. You can inspect an old project (which has already been completed) or a current ongoing project. If you inspect ongoing work, you will be able to prevent corruption from taking place in that work.

Most of the corruption takes place in records! For example, only 100 metres of road would be made but the officials would fill up 200 metres and would make payment for 200 metres. 

Even if there is a inspection, the officials think that they will be able to bribe their way through it. But if, you file an application under the Right to Information Act before the start of any work, saying that, you want to inspect that work once it is completed, the officials would now know that someone from the public is going to inspect their work!

Now, they will not enter wrong measurements in the records. They will also be careful in using inferior material if you have asked for sample of material. 

File an RTI application that asks for the following information:

I would like to inspect the following documents related to the works. These records should be made available to me for inspection when I come for inspection of these works:
a.    Measurement Book
b.    Details of Estimates
c.    Sketches

When you file such an application, you will be given a date, time and venue where you should go for inspection. When you go for inspection, please keep the following in mind:

It would be good if you take a technically qualified person along with you. Get him to verify each and every aspect. Make sure that they are using quality material. If you find corruption, report it and file an RTI to check the status of your report. 

The Govt. have given to us this great tool that makes us in control of everything that is done around us. Use this tool. Do not let corruption prevail. But, what is more important, let us make sure that the RTI Act remains. Wheter you use the act or not, we need your support so that others may use the act and keep a watch over the Govt...

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