Step 4: How to make the “right” business decisions?

Once you have decided what your business objectives are, the next step would be to take appropriate steps to achieve your business objectives. These steps are your business decisions.

If you have a running company, then these business decisions are your strategies. Making the right strategies will help you reach your business objectives. However, since you are an entrepreneur, your biggest concern is “starting up” your company. You do not really have to make business strategies. You just have to start up your company.

To start up your industry, you will have to make the following decisions:

In this guide we have just given you the introduction to the various decisions involved. Each of these decisions is actually very deep. There are whole books written on marketing, inventory control, production practices etc. Here we just provide you an introduction to give you an idea about what is involved.

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Table Of Contents

  1. How to start a company? – Introduction
  2. Is your new business idea “really” that brilliant?
  3. How to make a “perfect” business plan? & Why make one?
  4. Business plan - Step 1 – Understanding your business!
  5.             Step 2 – What do “you” want? (Personal objectives)
  6.             Step 3 – How to form business objectives? & Why?
  7.             Step 4 – How to make the “right” business decisions?
  8.                      - Making the right legal decisions
  9.                      - Making the right production decisions
  10.                      - Making the right hiring decisions
  11.                      - Making the right inventory decisions
  12.                      - Making the right marketing decisions
  13.             Step 5 – Estimating the capital required
  14.             Step 6 – How to “draft” the perfect business plan?
  15. How to raise the capital required for your business?