Monthly cleaning tasks...

Clean up your desktop: Take a look at your desktop. It is probably filled with all sorts of different and useless icons. Remove all the icons that you do not use anymore. Be brave here to! Leave only the programs and files that you use frequently. Remove everything else!

Store away project data: If you’re a project-oriented type of person, you probably finished up a few projects this past month. Why not remove the data associated with those projects so that it no longer clutters your hard drive? Keep the current projects on your desktop! Just remove the projects that are already completed!

Eliminate spyware: Spyware is a growing! Spyware started as a way for “unethical marketers” to track what you do with your computer. Now it has grown to include all sorts of pop-ups. A pop-up blocker may suppress the pop-ups, but the underlying problem — spyware — is still there.

Most of the time, spyware is hiding it’self on your computer and recording information about you like: Which sites you visit, what you do on the Internet, some of them even record usernames and passwords. So you must get rid of spyware. 

Since Spyware is such a big problem now-a-days, we have devoted a whole section  of this article to "Spyware"! We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you read the next section and remove the spyware from your system. 

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Table Of Contents

  1. How to clean up your Windows XP? - Introduction
  2. Before you do anything! - Precautions!
  3. Creating a cleaning schedule..for a fast PC
  4. Monthly cleaning tasks..
  5.      >> Getting rid of all the "Spyware"!!
  6.      >> Defragmenting your drive???
  7. Improving the Windows Performance! 
  8. Speeding up your PC's startup speed!