Structured Procrastination! - New age technique to over come procrastination!

This method for getting work done, was suggested by John Perry who is a Stanford Professor! The idea is to use procrastination to beat procrastination. How?

Pretty simple. You see, procrastinators keep postponing important / difficult / frustrating work and they convince them selves that some other work is more important. Procrastinators are not exactly time wasters. They are never doing absolutely NOTHING! They are always doing something but not the most important thing. They convince them selves that they must postpone the current task to do a more important task.        

So, if you want to beat procrastination, you can get a lot of work done by always keeping your hands full. If you have 5 items on your to-do list today, make them ten items. Put tomorrows 5 items on today’s list. Now, when you sit to do stuff, you will try to start the most important work, but you will postpone it. You will decide to pick up some other work on your to-do list and do it instead. When that is done, you might still postpone the most important work, and do something else that is on the list.

So, you keep postponing the most important work by doing all the other less important work that is on your list. That way, you actually end up getting all your other work done! You will be able to get a lot of work done this way! You will get all the most important work postponed and do the less important work.

I know the idea may sound a little childish. However, it does actually work. If you keep your to-do list full at all times, you will be able to actually use procrastination to get all your work done! In-fact because you are a procrastinator, you will be able to get more done than anybody else! Don’t believe us, try it!

Now, you are probably wondering, what about the important work that you keep procrastinating? Here is the key to this technique. Choose some work that is a little difficult / frustrating / time consuming / boring etc. and convince your self that the work is a BIG CHORE! When you select this work, make sure that the work is not really important. Even if you do it much later, it will not have that much of an effect on things. But in your mind, you need to convince your self that it is an important job. Make this the activity at the top of the list that you keep procrastinating. Now, even if you do not do this "most important work" for some time, things will be fine. But you can still use this to get your other work done.

We know, that you may be reading the above paragraph and thinking that all this is very immature and childish and that it will not work. But, it will! Procrastinators have a knack for convincing them selves. That is why they are procrastinators. Now, you have to convince your-self and use this talent to your advantage.

Try it out! It works!…Everyone has their own style of structured procrastination. The basic idea is the same: Procrastinate some work by doing other work. In effect getting a lot of work done!

Next we will look at some other simple methods that you can use to overcome your procrastination!

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  1. How to stop procrastinating? - Intro.
  2. Why do we procrastinate? - Part 1
  3. Why do we procrastinate? - Part 2
  4. Make sure your child does not be a procrastinator!!
  5. Structured Procrastination...
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