How to design and mange your product?

When talking about the product in marketing you do not only mean the core product. You mean the product and all the things associated with it. These are:

  • The core or basic constituent
  • Associated features
  • The brand name
  • The package
  • The label

To understand how all the above stated things affect the product, consider the case of toilet soap. Toilet soap by itself is not a very glamorous product. However, companies rarely actually advertise the soap. They advertise the smell, the colorful packing, the oval shape, the feeling of freshness etc. associated with the soap.

Using all these features they make the soap very suited to appeal to their target audience. Using all these features they make their product stand out with respect to the rest of the products in the same category.

Using all these frills and making changes in the core product is called product management. Product management is done mainly for "positioning" the product or making the product stand out in the target customers mind. This brings us to a very important concept in the modern marketing environment called "positioning".

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Table Of Contents

  1. How to market? – Introduction
  2. What is marketing?
  3. Understanding the Indian consumer
  4.     - Literacy scenario of India
  5.     - Urban and rural life of India
  6.     - Indian consumers are buying more than ever before
  7.     - Understanding India’s economical classes
  8.     - Understanding the Indian middle class “male”
  9.     - Understanding the Indian middle class “house wife”
  10.     - Understanding the Indian middle class “urban teenager”
  11. How to make a “complete” marketing plan or strategy?
  12. How to identify your target market? & Why?
  13. How to design the “best” marketing mix for your business?
  14. How to design and manage your product?
  15.      - How to position your product in the consumers mind?
  16.      - Positioning & Product Management
  17. How to choose the right price for your product or service?
  18.      - Some more pricing strategies!
  19. How to design a good distribution system?
  20. How to promote and advertise your product or your business?