Check the quality of constuction!

It would be a good idea to check up on the quality of construction before you go in for a particular project. Let the following points guide you:

You need to check up on the reputation of the “promoter”, “contractor” and “architect” of the construction. Visit other projects by them. Try to find problems and faults in their construction by talking to people.

One of the most important criteria is the cement being used in the construction. Try to check up often, though surprise visits about the type of cement being used. Ask the builder about this? Ask him to explain why he feels the particular cement being used is the best…

Check up on the thickness of the external walls. If they are 6-inches walls, it is not a very stable construction. A 9-inch wall is always better.

You must ask for a 'performance guarantee' clause or at least a 'structural liability' clause in the sale agreement. This will insure that the builder remains liable for any defect in the building for at least one to three years from the day he hands over possession to you.

Having used all the above given points, let us assume that you have finally found your dream house. Now, comes the question of paying for it. Most people will go in for a home loan… 

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