Save RTI! Act NOW!

Unfortunately, since the law exposes all the corruption taking place within the Govt. departments, the officials in the Govt. departments are opposing this law. All the politicians that sit on the tax payer’s money are feeling the crunch. They too are opposing he law.

There are now talks going on about the “diluting” the law. The law in it’s “diluted” form will be useless. People will loose the power that they had to expose the truth about the Govt. organizations.

You must help save this law. Whether or not you use the law is another thing. Help save the RTI Act so that other may make use of it and help improve our nation.  There are many RTI activists who everyday exposing Govt. frauds and forcing the Govt. to improve. Support them! Support RTI!

UPDATE: Previously on this page, we had asked our readers to sign a petition to save the RTI Act. However, we are happy to say that with the support of you people and many other Indians, the changes that were to be made to the RTI Act, are no longer going to be made. Congratulations!

Jai Hind.

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Table Of Contents

  1. How to save INDIA from corruption? - Intro
  2. Right To Information (RTI) FAQ!
  3. Don't pay bribes to get your Govt. related work done!
  4. How to get your area cleaned up?
  5. How to fight against corruption?
  6. How to get your Govt. related problems solved?
  7. Know what the Govt. is doing with your tax money?
  8. Save RTI! Act Now!