Some final photography tips!

While balance!!

Light is another problem when taking photos. Sometimes there is “bulb” light. Sometimes there is “tube” light. Sometimes there is “sun” light. Sometimes there is “cloudy” light. Different kinds of light have different effects on the objects in the photographs.

The good part is that your digital camera probably has modes to set these settings depending on the light. So, use the modes. You will get better quality images!!

If you are shooting in the sunlight, set the mode to sunlight. If you are shooting under a tube light set the mode to tube light. The mode is default set to “automatic”, but the camera gets confused sometimes. Set the mode manually for best effects.

Use glares!

Sometimes you might get really cool effects if use goggles or glares in front of your camera lens. Try it out. Experiment.

Fast images!

The problem that many people have with their digital camera is that it takes too much time to actually take the photo after you press the flash button. People complain that because of this, they often miss the best moment.

Digital cameras have this tendency to “lag”. This is because they "think too much". If you set everything on “Automatic” mode, the camera has to think about the lighting, exposure, shutter speed and many other things before taking the photo. So, to make the process of taking the photo faster, you can give the camera less to think.

If you set the white balance, ISO, focus etc. all that, manually, and you even set the camera to non-flash if there is enough light, the camera has to think very little and you can press the flash and the photos will be taken almost instantly.

We hope you liked this article. This article just taught you the basic concepts. There is much more to learn. So..

Best Of Luck!

Jai Hind.

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