The bad effects of smoking!

Want to become old much faster? - Then smoke!

You see, as you become old naturally, your arteries that carry the blood all around your body become “hard” and “narrow”. Because of this, blood starts to clot in them and there will be blockages caused in your arteries, which leads to all sorts of different problems.

For example:

  • If the blood clots in the arteries that supply blood to the heart, you will get a heart attack. 
  • If the blood clots in the arteries that supply blood to the brain, you will get a stroke, you can become paralyzed for life etc.
  • If the blood clots in the arteries that supply blood to the kidney, you will have kidney failure.
  • If the blood clots in the arteries that supply blood to the legs, you might have to amputate your leg.  

All this is generally caused with age. As people become old, their arteries start to harden and their blood starts to clot. But, you if you are smoking, you can make all this happen much earlier. If you are smoking you can become much older, much faster!

Your blood will start to clot 10 years before that of non-smokers (on an average)! While you are still young and providing for a family, who depend on you, one day, suddenly you will have heart attack and die.

It’s one thing to die when you are old. It’s a completely other thing to die when you have a family that depends on you. We are not telling you to quit smoking because it is bad for your health. It is bad for your health! But so what? We are telling you to stop smoking because you CANNOT AFFORD TO DIE when you have a family dependent on you.

Okay, maybe you do not have a family who is dependent on you. Then why should you quit smoking? Tell us, do you have around Rs.1 lakh to throw into a fire and burn. If I took Rs.1 lakh from you and threw it into a fire and let it burn, will you allow me? Obviously not! Well that would be the cost of hospitalization, if you actually were to survive a heart attack, stoke etc. But most likely you will just die. So the question is, do you want to die?

If you are young and think that you will quit smoking later on in life, then you can forget about it. You are never going to quit smoking. The chemicals involved in smoking, like nicotine, have severe effects on your brain such that quitting smoking becomes very very difficult if you have been addicted for too long. So, even if you are young and intend to have a family at some in the future, we suggest you quit now!

But, the effects stated above are just some of the effects that smoking can cause. Here are some other things that smoking can do to you.

  • Do you want to go blind?
  • Do you want to die of cancer?
  • Do you want to your teeth to fall off?
  • Do you want your gums to swell up?
  • Do you want to look older with a lot more wrinkles?

If nothing else till now has appealed to you, then maybe this point will:

For Men

Do you want to have kids? Well if you continue smoking there is a pretty good possibility that you will not be able to. Smoking increases the risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) by about 50 per cent.

Erection can't occur unless blood can flow freely into the penis, so these blood vessels have to be in good condition. As we said earlier, smoking can damage the blood vessels and cause them to degenerate reducing blood flow and the pressure of blood in the penis.

This effect increases over time, so if you haven't got problems now, things could change later.

For women

Do you want to have kids? If you continue to smoke, there is a pretty good possibility that you will not be able to have a healthy child. Babies born to mothers that smoke are generally underweight. Smoking is also known to cause many pregnancy complications, rupture of membranes that can lead to heavy bleeding and cause the deaths of both the mother and the baby.

So, do you believe us that it is a good idea to quit smoking? You do! Great. Then let us get right to it. But first, let us get to understand why it becomes so hard for someone to quit smoking…

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Table Of Contents

  1. How to quit smoking? - Introduction
  2. The bad effects of smoking!!
  3. Why is it sooo hard to quit smoking?
  4. How to stop?