The concept of your photo..

What message is your photo trying to convey? Think about this before taking every photograph! In some photos, you may want to convey speed. In some photos, you may want to convey calmness. Before you take a photo, thing about what you want to convey though your photo. Think about who the central character of your photo is.

Suppose you are taking a photo of a kid playing in a waterfall... What do you want the person who sees your photo to see? Do you want him to see the kid? Do you want him to see the water flowing? Do you want him to see the water gushing and the kid on the side? If the kid is the most important part of the photo, focus on him, make him the center of the photo.

Decide all this. Think about your images before you take them. Once you know what you want, then you can decide the kind of effect that your photo needs. Then you can decide if something should be blurred or sharp. So the first step is to know exactly what you want. The second step is to try to achieve it!

Now, let us assume that you have decided what you want. Let us continue the study of how to achieve it.  

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Table Of Contents

  1. How to take great photos? - Introduction
  2. Two major "funds" of photography!
  3. The concept of your photo...
  4. Depth of field (DOF)!!
  5. How to actually do all this? 
  6. But my camera does not have all these options!!
  7. Shutter speed, ISO and dim lighting...
  8. The magic of the "+"
  9. Some final tips...