The stomp kick!

The stomp kick is the easiest of all the kicks. The kick is also extremely affective against larger opponents. You don’t have to be very strong to give a devastating “stomp kick”.

The stomp kick can be used in a variety of situations but to understand it, imagine that the attacker comes up behind you, grabs you around the shoulders, by the hair or puts a forearm across your throat.

To begin the stomp kick, simply raise your knee and leg “as high as possible”. When your knee as high as it goes, make sure that you have moved your toes upward and your heel is the part of your foot, which is closest to the ground. This will insure the hard, bony part of the heel is the first thing to hit as you complete the kick.

After you have raised your knee, you will want to “stomp” your heel on the attackers foot with a twisting, grinding motion at completion.

This kick is used for breaking the small bones in an attacker’s foot or toes. These small “metatarsal” bones are very fragile and require a very small amount of pressure per square inch to fracture.

When being held from behind, it is a simple thing to raise the knee, touch your heal to the attacker’s leg and allow it to guide your heel to its target. Boots or high heels can make this technique very very effective.

It is preferred that you give repeated kicks and try other techniques as well to escape.

Once your attacker has let you go, RUN!

Remember the old saying: “He/She who runs away, lives to fight another day.”

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  2. The weapons you have..
  3. The stomp kick!
  4. Escaping a wrist-lock!
  5. Escaping an armed attacker!
  6. Escaping a head-lock!
  7. Using you head!