Understanding the Indian Consumer

Here we have tried to provide you an overview of who our Indian consumers are. How our Indians think. And a brief overview of what kind of a market India is. The next few pages will cover all this information in detail.

Note: Our country is growing at a very rapid pace. The state of job opportunities, salaries etc. is improving rapidly. Simply put the county is changing every day for the better.

So this information holds true now (as in when this article was written i.e. Jan 2nd 2006) and will be more or less true a few years from now. However, it would be a good practice to keep in touch with the latest trends in thinking of the Indian consumer.

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Table Of Contents

  1. How to market? – Introduction
  2. What is marketing?
  3. Understanding the Indian consumer
  4.     - Literacy scenario of India
  5.     - Urban and rural life of India
  6.     - Indian consumers are buying more than ever before
  7.     - Understanding India’s economical classes
  8.     - Understanding the Indian middle class “male”
  9.     - Understanding the Indian middle class “house wife”
  10.     - Understanding the Indian middle class “urban teenager”
  11. How to make a “complete” marketing plan or strategy?
  12. How to identify your target market? & Why?
  13. How to design the “best” marketing mix for your business?
  14. How to design and manage your product?
  15.      - How to position your product in the consumers mind?
  16.      - Positioning & Product Management
  17. How to choose the right price for your product or service?
  18.      - Some more pricing strategies!
  19. How to design a good distribution system?
  20. How to promote and advertise your product or your business?