URL Re-direction: Making your long free-hosted website address small!

There is a way in which you can reduce the size of your web site address. This is done though a process called URL-redirection. There are a few websites on the Internet who will do this for you free of charge.

The best service to make your “free-hosting” long website address sort is http://www.freedomain.co.nr/

They will give you a "almost" professional website address. For example: You website address could be a short www.make-cakes.co.nr or www.goats.co.nr! It will not be some long www.hostingsite.com/goat.html etc.

However, some times this service may not allow you to make any new accounts because they already have too many accounts. The will have a message on the site saying that they are temporarily closed so you should come back another time. 

In that case you could go to Google search for “free url redirection”

The only catch that these http://www.freedomain.co.nr/ people have is that they require you to put a small button on your website to use the service. Besides that the service is great.

Using the service is not very difficult also. Just go to the site, sign-up, they will ask you what website address you want, if its available you get it. Then they will ask you where should your new website address point, so you say that it should point to your old website address (the long one at the free-hosting place) That’s it! Your done!

Now having done this, you are officially set. You have your website on the Internet, you have a short website address…you are finished. The next step is to make people come to your site and promote your site. We shall come to that in sometime, but first let us look at the process of buying a “.com” and setting up a paid hosting account.

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  1. How to create a website? & Why make one?
  2. The Basics
  3. Making a website - First step, learn HTML!
  4.    >> After you learn HTML - Website making tools..
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  6.    >> SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  7.  Putting up your site on the Internet - For Free!
  8.    >> Uploading Your Website
  9.    >> Making your long free-hosting URL short
  10. Paid hosting 
  11. Marketing your website - Getting visitors!