After you have learnt HTML - Wesite making tools!

Once you have learnt HTML, the tools that we are going to show you in this section will make much more sense. These tools will help you to make your website at a much faster speed and much more easily.


I know the wired name might have scared you. But do not worry. It’s a very simple name.

WYSIWYG stands for "What You See Is What You Get!"

You probably find this a little weird, but that is exactly what it stands for. Computer geeks are a little cool. They give fun names to everything.

So what is a What You See Is What You Get Editor?

A WYSIWYG editor makes it very simple for you to make web pages. It makes it very easy to design websites without bothering too much about HTML. It’s like word or some other simple program. To make the web page you just have to select the pictures you want to put, put the text you want to put in, decide how it looks and all that. You don’t have to bother about writing the HTML for the website. You just decide the colors, fonts, sizes and all the looks, the program writes the HTML code for you. Cool isn’t it!

Even though it is possible to make a website only using a WYSIWYG editor, you must still learn HTML. Many a times you want to “fine tune” your website or do certain things that the program cannot handle, then you need to use hard-core HTML.

So now probably the name WYSIWYG makes a little more sense. What you see on the screen as you make the website is what you will get in the final web page.

Here is a very good free of charge WYSIWYG editor. This is the editor that is used to make this website. It’s called NVU. Check out their website for more info..

Once you download it, and after learning HTML, this editor is very easy to use.

Website Templates

There are many websites on the Internet that will provide you with free website templates. These are basically completely designed blank templates that can be filled with your information and your content and your website. The cool thing about these templates is that they are very easy to use if you have a WYSIWYG Editor and know the basics of HTML.

Another great thing about these templates is that they look great and are professionally designed. So you do not have to design you website from scratch. This saves you a whole lot of time and money. There are thousands of templates available on the Internet of all shapes sizes colors etc. You can easily find one that looks cool and matches your business and theme.   

In case you are still not clear about what templates are, check out these sites:

After learning HTML, using WYSIWYG Editors and Free Website Templates, you should be able to make your website on your computer. 

Get your-self a complete web-design "TOOL BOX"

You could also get your self a web-design "TOOL BOX"! The tool box will contain thousands and thousands of templates, WYSIWYG editors, HTML, flash, java codes and everything else you will probably need for making a website! The best thing is that this tool box is available quite cheap! 

You can get yourself your own "tool box" from "4 CD Tool Box" OR "9 CD Tool Box"

The 4 CD Tool Box is good enough for you if you are just a beginner. The 9 CD Tool Box is just bigger than the 4 CD one. It contains more templates, more HTML scripts etc. Both are quite reasonably priced.

If you are new to ebay, do not worry, you can just sign up from here free and buy whatever you are interested in right now! It's quite easy! 

Once you are signed up, search for "Logo Templates HTML Scrpts". You could then choose one of the results and buy the kit!  

We recommend that you buy the tool box from since it is quite safe & secure. If you are not comfortable with Credit Card payments, there are always other options like DD, money order etc. that you can go in for. Besides that, it will be hard for you to find this kind of complete kit anywhere else.

After you have the tools, do not just make a website. When designing a website there are some things that you must do so that your website is easy for the users to use, for the search engines to find and still looks cool and professional. 

In the next section we have provided certain guidelines that you must follow when you are making your website. Follow them…

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  1. How to create a website? & Why make one?
  2. The Basics
  3. Making a website - First step, learn HTML!
  4.    >> After you learn HTML - Website making tools..
  5.    >> Website Design Guidelines
  6.    >> SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  7.  Putting up your site on the Internet - For Free!
  8.    >> Uploading Your Website
  9.    >> Making your long free-hosting URL short
  10. Paid hosting 
  11. Marketing your website - Getting visitors!