Weight loss - Scams and myths!

There are all sorts of stupid and wrong ideas about weight loss out there. People fall for these ideas every day. When they do not see results they blame themselves. Please do not do this to your-self. There is a basic science and logic behind loosing weight and we have explained it here!

Use this information and use your brain. There are people who are selling "miracle cures" and drugs that claim that they will increase your natural metabolic rate. But all these drugs have terrible side effects! Do not go in for them!

There are people who are selling products that makes it possible for you to do many “ab crunches”! They claim that this will give you a flat tummy. This is wrong. You might strengthen your stomach muscles, but it will still be covered by layers of fat. You need to burn the fat. There is no way, to covert fat into muscle. They are just NOT THE SAME TYPE OF TISSUE! You will have to burn the fat. You will have to use up the fat!

Let us put it as simply as possible... If there is a solution to weight loss that seems like a “miracle” or is too good to be true, it is a scam or it has serious side effects. Follow this rule and you will be safe!

On a more philosophical note…

As you have seen in this article, your body stores energy in the form of fat. This is the way your body prepares you for a situation where there is no food in the future. So, there is surely nothing WRONG with being a little fat. The idea that being fat is wrong is just something that television and the media have created. They have created this idea to attract people and sell their products. But, there is surely nothing wrong with being fat!

You can say that being excessively fat can clog arteries and cause medical problems, but being just a little fat has nothing wrong with it. Do not feel that you are “bad” or “weak” or “pathetic” because you have a little fat. If you are excessively fat then you must work on it though!

Best of luck!

Jai Hind

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Table Of Contents

  1. How to lose weight? - Introduction
  2. Why do you gain weight?
  3. What are calories? Why is everyone after them?
  4. How much energy does your body need?
  5. Controlling your weight!
  6. Dieting and exercise!
  7. Improve your metabolic rate..
  8. Scams and myths...