What are calories? - Why are they so important?

Calories are NOT fat! Calories are energy! Or more correctly speaking, calories are a unit of energy. Just incase you are not sure what a “unit of energy means”, let us try to understand the concept of a “unit”.

What is a unit?

Kilogram is a unit of weight. What do we mean by this? By this we mean that, wherever you go and tell someone that you want 5Kg of something, he will know much you are asking for. Kilogram is a standard that everyone accepts. Everyone knows that when you say “kilogram” there is pre-decided value you are asking for. That is what we mean by a unit. A unit is an accepted or decided value of something.

So, when we say that a calorie is a unit of energy, we mean that a particular amount of energy is called a calorie. So, if you eat a sandwich and some amount to energy is obtained from the sandwich, we can say that the sandwich is worth 50 calories or the sandwich is worth 20 calories depending on how much energy is obtained from the sandwich.

Why is all this important? All this is important because “counting the calories you consume” is big part of the loosing weight process. You see, as we said earlier, everyday you need a certain amount of energy i.e. everyday you need a certain amount of calories. Now, you generally get these calories from the food you eat. But, if you require 2,500 calories per day and you eat food worth 3000 calories, then you have 500 excess calories per day. 

As we said, the body saves all this excess energy in the form of fat. This, is basically why you gain weight! You eat more than your body needs! So if you have to eat just the right amount, you need to know… 

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Table Of Contents

  1. How to lose weight? - Introduction
  2. Why do you gain weight?
  3. What are calories? Why is everyone after them?
  4. How much energy does your body need?
  5. Controlling your weight!
  6. Dieting and exercise!
  7. Improve your metabolic rate..
  8. Scams and myths...