Why do people procrastinate? - Complex reasons!

Anger or Hostility:

When you feel anger or hostility towards the person you are doing the particular task for, you will procrastinate doing the task. Why? To get even with the person! To fight back with the person.

For example: Assume that you are a student and you are sitting in the class of a very irritating professor. Now, suppose that the professor gives you some long assignment to complete. You are very likely to procrastinate doing this assignment. You will procrastinate telling your self something like, “Haad, nai karra main uska assignment! Kya karenga woh? ”  

Basically you procrastinate to rebel against the professor. But, the problem is, when the time to submit the assignment comes, you will have to rush though it and submit it last minute. You will do a bad job on it.

How do you make sure you do not make this mistake? Understand what you are feeling. Understand that if you postpone doing the task, it is going to affect you later. You do not want an irritating professor or some stupid boss destroy your future, right? So do not let your anger come in the way of things.

Low frustration tolerance: 

If you do not have the capacity to take too much frustration, you will have a tendency to procrastinate things. The problem is that, whenever you sit to do a particular task, if you feel that doing the task will be frustrating, then the amount of frustration involved overwhelms you. You try to find a way to escape all that frustration. So you end up not doing that task. You postpone the task.

To overcome this, you could try to find someone who can help you doing the task. If some one is an expert on the task, they will show you the right way. This will help you do the task in the future without all the frustration involved.

But, you may not always be able to find someone. You need to have a higher tolerance to frustration. You can develop this by trying to accomplish what you are doing no matter how hard it is. Even when it is frustrating, stick to it! Do not quit. All this is easier to say than do, I know!



Some people have a tendency to continuously put them selves down. For example: These people will constantly say stuff like, “No, it was just luck!” or “No, I cannot work that fast! I am very slow at work!”

If you do this, you are most likely also a procrastinator! You do not believe in your-self and you do not believe in your success. So, to avoid success or the “lime light” you sub-consciously try not to succeed. You do this by procrastinating.

How to solve this problem? Firstly do not put your self down constantly. Except compliments about your work that people give you. If someone says, “Good job!” say “Thank You!” do not say, “It was my luck!”

Figure out why you feel uncomfortable with success. Did some important people in your life often make you feel that way? Were you taught to minimize your success? Why is success so scary? Will it make you stand out in the crowd? Do you feel as though others will not accept you if you are successful? Also, when ever you do something well, praise yourself for it! Take a few seconds to enjoy the good work that you have done!   


Some people are perfectionists or are forced to be perfectionists. And because of this, they turn into procrastinators. Why? When you have a very very high standard for everything you do, all the work that you do requires a LOT of effort. Because of this, you will try to escape all the effort by simply procrastinating your work! It’s easier to just not do the work than to take all the effort and do it perfectly. Perfectionist, say things like, “I will either do it right! Or I will not do it at all!”

How to solve this problem? I am sorry to say this but, you will have to lower your standards. You will have to start excepting things that are not 100% okay! Make an effort to actually praise what work you have done. Perfectionism is a problem that comes out of self-doubt or self-esteem. So you must learn to be confident of your self and your abilities.      

Now, you understand all the causes that make people procrastinate. You probably understood really well one or two of these causes because they are the specific problems that affect you. Now, it is important that when you procrastinate in your daily life, you try to identify why exactly you are procrastinating and overcome it.

Generally procrastinating is due to some physiological issue that you must resolve. The above provided tricks can help, but what will really help is if you go to a good therapist, and ask him/her to identify your problems and get them resolved. Unfortunately not everyone has the time or the money to do this. But, if you do have the resources, use them. Go to a therapist and ask him/her to help you with your procrastination problem. This will help you a lot!

Now, before we go into other ways to overcome your procrastination, let us quickly understand how you can make sure that your children do not suffer from the procrastination problem that you face…

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